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Why Abba Abdullahi Yola is Most Equipped Person for NFF Presidency

By Ejike Umunnabuike Jr

He is a good man by every parameter, he is evaluated or assessed. He is a stable and well-rounded personality. He has a knack for details and drives for exactitudes in whatever primary assignment schedules he is assigned to handle. 

Calm, humble, friendly, disciplined, and a good listener, he comes across as an amiable individual you would want to meet a second time, besides being well cultured. 

He deserves the job he is seeking. He desires to be the next President of the Nigeria Football Federation {NFF}. 

From my knowledge of him, he possesses the basic personality development traits of what the clinical psychologist, will describe as a balanced and stable personality. 

He has a high Intelligent Quotient and Emotional Quotient.   

His instinctual responses to the stimuli within his immediate physical environment is most encouraging and modeling. 

His name is Alhaji Abba Abdullahi Yola.  He is a sports administrator per excellence. 

His vast and robust experiences, competence, skills, and knowledge-base in sports, and administration, particularly, in football, were noticed in the days of such heroic sports administrators as late Commodore Anthony Ikhzebor, Air Commodore Emeka Omeruah, and Alhaji Babayo Shehu of blessed memories, to mention a few. 

These noble Nigerian statesmen, in their lifetime, gave direction and meaning to the administration of sports generally, especially the development of football, and Alhaji Abba Abdullahi Yola, who learned from their rich experiences and lasting impressions. 

My first encounter with him as a reporter was 38 years ago during the 1984 All Africa Sports Tournament held in the old Bauchi State, when late Air Commodore Emeka Omeruah, was Nigeria’s Honorable Minister of Sports & Social Development. 

Since then, till date, this urbane man of all seasons, known as Alhaji Abba Abdullahi Yola, had demonstrated positive behavioral traits that are rare to find in most personalities of his class. 

His integrity, public image, and social characterization, in all his public and private conducts, are very important to him than the value of gold or diamond. 

The Nigeria Football Federation requires a new direction. A fresh identity that will be devoid of internal bickering or in-fighting, unhealthy rivalries amongst officials with diverse primary and secondary socialization processes, which oftentimes, influence their perceptions about what the sport governing body is all about and what it should not be turned into. 

Having a novel leadership structure headed by Alhaji Abba Abdullahi Yola, as the next President of the Nigeria Football Federation, will no doubt, help in redefining the fortunes and prospects of football development in Nigeria.   

Alhaji Abba Abdullahi Yola is an excellent example of finding a person, for the right job with the right credentials and right spirit to offer honest service to the glory of the Almighty Mighty God Allah SWT as well to the satisfaction of mankind in the light of the truth. 

A thorough-bred Federal civil servant with the fear of God, he is one Nigerian man that you can give a primary assignment schedule and you will be sure of positive results, even unexpected innovative concepts, being brought to bear on the administrative work so assigned. 

Vast and internationally connected, Alhaji Abba Abdullahi Yola is the new face of Nigerian football that will appeal to FIFA and officials of FIFA, even as he retired meritoriously after 35 years of service in the Federal Ministry of Sports, Youth & Social Development. 

In a going type of way, Alhaji Abba Abdullahi Yola, when compared to the lineup of aspirants, justling for the position of NFF Presidency, possesses the most equipped measure of Emotional, Cognitive, Investigative, Social, and Native Intelligence, in his personality development scheme.  

He has the capacity to give a new definition to the administration of football in Nigeria. 

This is the right time to offer unsolicited mechanical solidarity to our dear own Alhaji Abba Abdullahi Yola, as the right resource person to become the next NFF President, in order to advance the frontiers of Football Development in Nigeria. 

Ejike Umunnabuike Jr,  Group Editor, THE COSMOPOLITAN Nigeria, 

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