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Uba Sani best Northern Senator since First Republic, says Rep

The political fortunes of the Kaduna State All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate for the 2023 elections, Senator Uba Sani, gained a significant boost on Monday, when he was described as the best federal parliamentarian from the North since the First Republic.

“As far as I know, since the Senate of the First Republic to this day, there has never been a Northerner who, as a first-timer possessing no experience and antecedents, performed exceptionally-well in the Federal Parliament as Distinguished Senator Uba Sani,” Tajuddeen Abbas, the member representing Zaria Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives said.

Tajuddeen Abbas, who holds the traditional title of Iyan Zazzau, was speaking when Senator Uba Sani commissioned the constituency projects he executed in his Zaria Constituency.

“Apart from the capital projects he attracted to his 7-LGA Constituency, Distinguished Senator Uba Sani is reputed to have tabled numerous bills, many of which President Buhari signed into law, to the benefit of not only Northern Nigeria, but the entire country,” Abbas maintained.

“Considering his towering accomplishments, I make bold to congratulate us in Kaduna State for having Senator Uba Sani as our governorship candidate for the 2023 elections,” the Iyan Zazzau said.

Abbas appealed to the entire Kaduna State electorate to elect, not only Uba Sani as their Governor, but also members of the State House of Assembly on the APC platform to build the required executive-legislature harmony to enable Uba Sani deliver the projects and programmes he has fashioned out for the state.

“If you want Uba Sani to work well for you, you should also elect for him legislators who possess the capacity, committment and goodwill towards him to enable him succeed,” he stressed to the Kaduna electorate.

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