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Tinubu victory: Activist commends quick justice delivery

The quick dispensation of the judicial process culminating in the triumph of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the All Progressives Congress(APC) has been highlighted as another plus in our democratic search for electoral perfection in the nation.

The commendation was given by an activist and politician, Comrade Salihu Othman Isah in a statement released in Abuja.

Isah who is ex Chairman of Civil Liberties Organisation(CLO), North West disclosed that Nigeria is still undergoing search for maturity in its electoral process which is the yardstick upon which elections are held and results are announced.

He explained that it is after the declaration of results, those aggrieved will proceed to seek through the legal approach the mandate they claim they were deprived off.

According to him, the electoral laws are beginning to take their natural course in the nation’s democratic attainments as the law insist all legal procedures must be concluded in record time from the election petition tribunals up to the final judgment at the apex legal warehouse which is the Supreme Court.

The APC leader was full of joy on two grounds being the first time the legal battle will be concluded in record time and for the victory recorded by his party, APC through the affirmation of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu as duly elected President.

This he described as a new dawn in the nation’s political and judicial processes which to him is a progressive scorecard.

He also thanked all those involved in the legal struggle for their timely contributions culminating in the earliest conclusion and for deepening our electoral and judicial processes.

“Unlike now, the judicial process would have linger endlessly, sometimes for years before delivery of the final judgment. This atimes takes over two years or more to dispense off. When this happens, the interloper enjoys the office they don’t deserve.

And this is the reason why the governorship election in the country is not uniform. Some states gubernatorial election holds two years or more after the general elections and this breeds what we know today as off circle elections. It leads to lack of uniformity in the process. This is not healthy at all”, he concluded.