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Prince Ebeano Rebrands, Welcomes Shoppers to New Abuja Mall

Nigeria’s number one indigenous supermarket brand, Prince Ebeano Supermarket is now ready to offer Abuja shoppers the intrinsic shopping experience that has made it one of the most patronised shopping malls around

The supermarket will in the next couple of days throw its doors open to customers at a brand new complex in the centre of the city – Cape Town Street, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja

Prince Ebeano is returning to Abuja in rebranded bold green and white colours, a softer, but more appealing, friendly colours

”We thought it best to to down our colours, but little else has changed about us, Prince Ebeano Supermarket still offers the widest variety of quality products and services at unbeatable prices and discount”, says Mr Chidi Kossi, Abuja Manager at Prince Ebeano.

“We are definitely Nigeria’s foremost supermarket in terms of stocking the best, and widest range of products, and at competitive prices

“We are kilometres ahead of others when it comes to selling at rock bottom prices. With all modesty, a survey conducted over a period of time ranked Prince Ebeano Supermarket number one for having the lowest price for the same range of selected products. We know that our shoppers are not fussy when it comes to prices, but we believe in delivering value for money

“We have unparalleled expertise and commitment to sourcing for quality products with unbeatable prices and discounts” says Kossi.

The unique attraction for shoppers in the city centre would definitely by its one-stop retail store format comprising the ‘Village Market’ which stocks items like vegetables, crayfish, pepper, palm oil and other items normally found in a conventional market.

“After visiting Prince Ebeano Supermarket, you do not need to visit the conventional market to buy things no, we stock all those in our Village Market department. Any supermarket with a village market department, copied it from Prince Ebeano, that is why I said we are the foremost one-stop retail store”, says Mr Kossi

Prince Ebeano Supermarket which entered the FCT five years ago dazzled Abuja residents by its top notch Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR projects. Even before it made one kobo in terms of sales at its Lokogoma shopping mall, it delivered to the community a high quality over 3.2kilometres tarred road with drainages on both sides of the road. More graded roads were done subsequently

Kossi explains that the philosophy which drives the company’s CSR philosophy is to “proactively proffer solutions and execute social projects that enhances and services host communities as well as impacting the lives and wellbeing of members of the society”.

Perhaps for uniquely blazing the trail in seeking customer satisfaction first above all else, Prince Ebeano Supermarket was indeed wearing its crown well as Nigeria’s numero uno, until an unfortunate fire incident interrupted its operations last year

But like the saying goes, all is well that ends well, today Prince Ebeano Supermarket, Abuja is back in business, even as it continues to thrive in Lagos state

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