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New Nigeria can only be born with a new constitution, says Reverend Ndukuba 

Ndukuba the Archbishop Metropolitan and Primate of all Nigeria declared in Nnewi: ” We need a new constitution that would reinforce true federalism, granting states more powers to address local challenges and drive development initiatives “

Delivering his opening address at the just concluded 14th  General Synod of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion at St Mark’s Anglican Church Nnewichi Primate Ndukuba said: ” To address the pressing issues and lay a solid foundation for a stronger future, Nigeria must embark on the arduous but essential task of crafting a new Constitution that reflects the aspirations and values of all people and culture”.

He buttresses this conviction by saying: ” One is convinced that what we need is a totally new Constitution made by a Sovereign Representation of the Ethnic Nationalities of this country”. 

He stressed further that this new Constitution must “reflect the Nation’s identity and diversity and be a unifying force that recognizes and protects our diversity “. 

He noted that Nigeria, “is a diverse and dynamic nation, has seen significant progress over the years, but it also faces numerous challenges stressing that: ” the current constitution has limitations that hinder the nation’s growth and stability “.

He concluded that what Nigeria needed now”is a new Constitution as the foundation for a stronger future “.

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