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Like Katsina Bandits, IPoB Vows to Arrest, Prosecute Criminals

Like the reported arrest and hand over of a thief by bandits Katsina, the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has vowed to arrest and prosecute criminals in the south-east region.

IPOB disclosed this in a statement signed by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful on Tuesday.

IPOB said that the game has changed, warning everyone in the region to desist from committing crime.

The statement reads: “We the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership and command of our indefatigable Liberator Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU wish to state unequivocally and to all and sundry in Biafraland that IPOB will soon commence arrest and prosecution of the destructive elements in our society.

“This new initiative of IPOB is to prepare descent and responsive citizenry in preparation for the birth of a New Nation of Biafra where law and order will be a norm. The new Nation of Biafra will soon emerged and nobody born of a woman can change or stop its coming.

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“We are alerting everybody in Biafra Land that IPOB will soon commence the arrest of defaulters and criminals and will detain and prosecute bad elements especially those criminals terrorizing, kidnapping for ransom and those snatching our people’s cars and those selling our lands.

“Very soon IPOB leadership will announce this new initiative and other terms and conditions that will follow. We warn anyone behind the criminalities going-on in the Eastern Region to stay off. Even those in diaspora if you commit we will arrest you ones you are found guilty or you may not come back home again.

“Don’t play with these orders because there is no country in the world that don’t arrest or judge their citizens and Biafra won’t be exception. Therefore, everyone should mind what you do in the Biafra territory or outside Biafra going forward. The game has changed and we will be doing what is needful as we wait for the final whistle to be blown.

“Let it be known to all persons residents in Biafra land (Biafrans and non-Biafrans) that this information is for you. Even if you’re a Security Officer, if you commit any crime in our land we will arrest and prosecute you in line with IPOB judicial system. Therefore, be mindful of your actions because nothing will stop us not to arrest you if you commit any crime.

“Do not say you were not warned. God Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama has fulfilled His promise to the people of Biafra.”

Recently, in what can be described as a kettle calling a pot black, a group of armed bandits  ‘arrested’ a scavenger, who was into stealing, in Katsina State.

PRNigeria gathered that the scavenger, a middle-aged man, specialized in uprooting metal rods and removing iron bars, from buildings at a deserted village in the state.

The criminal scavenger was caught by the bandits while they were on a ‘patrol’  on their motorcycles, it was learnt.

A video obtained by PRNigeria showed the bandit-terrorists parading the scavenger and his stolen metal rods inside a cart before a community leader.

Though the date of the incident could not be confirmed from the video where the bandits warned the thief about the danger of stealing.

“Don’t you know that it is a criminal offence to steal? You are lucky that we are handing you over to authority we could have executed for engaging in criminal activities,” the bandits warned.

The terrorists, who in the video wielded sophisticated guns, told the community leader to ensure the ‘scavenger thief’ is dealt with according to the law to deter others from stealing.

PRNigeria gathered that the bandits did not only hand over their ‘catch’ to the Katsina community chief but also ensured he was later whisked away to security personnel for interrogation.

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