Improving Nigeria’s Defence System: Suggestions for Defence Minister Badaru Abubakar By Abdul-Azeez Suleiman 

Nigeria’s defence system faces numerous challenges, including inadequate funding, outdated equipment, and ill-trained personnel. As the newly appointed Defence Minister, Badaru Abubakar has a daunting task of reforming Nigeria’s defence apparatus. Here are some suggestions that Abubakar can implement to improve Nigeria’s defence system.

One of the biggest obstacles facing Nigeria’s defence system is inadequate funding. The military cannot perform its duties effectively without adequate funding. Therefore, Badaru Abubakar should lobby the government to allocate more funds to the defence sector. The defence budget should include funds for training, research, acquisition of modern equipment, and enhanced welfare for the military personnel.

Another critical area that requires improvement is military training. Nigeria’s military personnel require enhanced training to prepare them for modern warfare. Badaru Abubakar should invest in modern training facilities and programs that simulate real-life war scenarios. Additionally, training should be continuous to ensure that military personnel remain up-to-date with the latest military tactics and technologies.

Nigeria’s military equipment is outdated and ineffective, making it difficult for the military to carry out its mandate. Badaru Abubakar needs to acquire modern equipment that meets the demands of modern warfare. Upgraded weaponry, surveillance equipment, and communication systems are necessary to combat insurgency and other security threats.

The welfare of military personnel should be a top priority for Badaru Abubakar. The military personnel require access to decent healthcare, housing, and education for their children. The Defence Minister should ensure that they receive adequate medical care and housing facilities. Additionally, their salaries should be increased to reflect the vital role they play in the country’s security.

In conclusion, Nigeria’s defence system requires significant reforms, and the role of the Defence Minister is critical. Badaru Abubakar can improve Nigeria’s defence system by increasing funding for defence, enhancing military training, modernizing equipment, and improving welfare for military personnel. By implementing these measures, Badaru Abubakar can strengthen Nigeria’s defence system and ensure enhanced safety and security for all Nigerians.

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