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Group tackles Lagos Assembly member over unreasonable patriotism

By Chimezie Godfrey

The Group Coordinator, Epe Progressive Indigene for Good Governance (EPIGG), Mr. Olayemi Orunbon, at the weekend maintained that the All Progressive Congress (APC) candidate for Epe constituency 1, Hon. Mustainu Abiodun Tobun in next year elections, do not stand a chance in the 2023 election.

Speaking with journalists in Epe, at their secretariat, Orunbon said that Hon. Tobun has disappointed the entire masses of the constituency and not stand chances of winning the election, noting that nobody knows him in the areas any more, especially with his unpatriotic and unfair manners of alleviate the poverty that ravaging the masses.

Orunbon stressed that anybody aspiring to representing the constituency must be willing to operate beyond friends and families inhibitions.

“I don’t know him (Tobun). He was somebody who was at the position for the third term. Go and ask Epe indigenes how many politicians/masses know Abiodun Tobun. We need a House of Assembly candidate that will turn around things, which devoid of friends and families politics, that will also demonstrate beyond all barriers whether Eko Epe, Ijebu Epe, and religious or regional etc,” Orunbon maintained.

Describing Tobun as a perennial contestant, Orunbon pointed out that the present Assembly member will lose this time, as he did not offer the constituency a very tangible development, and noone is ready to vote for him again.

“Tobun is a force, but our force is greater than him and he knows it. He’s a veteran at contesting elections and this time around a veteran winner will lose to opposition,” Orunbon declared.

Told that this perhaps remains the best chance for Tobun candidacy again, Orunbon stated that it had been said in the past that each opportunity presented the best chance for Tobun to win, insisting that the perception was not new, noting that he will lose this time around with the new electoral law.

He maintained that like in the last couple of elections where the Assembly member contested and won, Tobun’s aspiration to win this time around would fall flat again in 2023, insisting that opposition would emerge.

Orunbon stressed that the Epe constituents had already bought into that thinking that opposition will take over from Tobun, with the people’s current unshaken support for the opposition party.

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