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Fredrick Nwabufo launches public-interest newspaper, TheLink News

Fredrick Nwabufo, columnist and journalist, has launched a public-interest newspaper — TheLink News.

According to the media entrepreneur, TheLink News is published under Line and Link Limited.

He said the media organisation is independent and wholly committed to promoting public good through public-interest journalism.

”I believe my citizenship takes priority over any professional ambition or goal. It is the reason I have persisted in my campaign for national unity, dialogue and democracy,” he said.

”I understand the place of the media in promoting good governance, accountability, and citizens’ rights. This is why we are making this effort with TheLink News — which is foregrounded in probity, impartiality, objectivity and fairness in the pursuit of journalistic excellence, and journalism in the public interest.

”We will link you with the truth…”

The news site is:

Social media handles:

Twitter: @TheLinkNewsng

Facebook: TheLink News (@TheLinkNewsng)

Instagram: TheLinkNewsng

Signed: Fredrick Nwabufo

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