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ECOWAS deadline: AANI urges caution, counsels against military action on Niger

The Alumni Association of the National Institute (AANI) has urged ECOWAS to consider the immediate and long-term implications of its actions on the people of the Niger Republic and the wider West African sub-region as its deadline to Niger coup leaders ends.

This was disclosed in a statement signed by Brigadier General Sani Kukasheka Usman (rtd) mni, Sarkin Yakin Kanwan Katsina, AANI National Publicity Secretary in Abuja, Sunday.

Though AANI condemned the military coup in Niger, the association urged ECOWAS to exercise caution over use of military action against Niger.

The statement reads, “The Alumni Association of the National Institute (AANI) strongly condemns the military seizure of power in the Niger Republic. It supports the efforts of ECOWAS’ towards restoring democracy in the West African country. However, in restoring democracy, ECOWAS should consider the immediate and long-term implications of its actions on the people of the Niger Republic and the wider West African sub-region.

It says, “Addressing the root causes of the political crisis in the Niger Republic and strengthening the democratic institutions in the country is vital to achieving lasting peace and stability in the region. AANI, therefore, urges caution against immediate military action. Instead, non-military options like diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions should be adopted towards a peaceful resolution and a quicker return to democratic governance in the Niger Republic.

AANI argued that, “Military action by ECOWAS may escalate the current situation into a humanitarian crisis and worsen the security challenges in the West African sub-region. It may also escalate tensions in the fragile security situation in the Lake Chad region and other parts of West Africa, attracting other armed groups and external actors to take advantage of it. This would exacerbate the security challenges and create a more complex and dangerous situation. It is, therefore, essential to prioritise peaceful and diplomatic solutions to the political crisis.

“ECOWAS should upscale diplomatic efforts to persuade the military leaders in Niger to relinquish power and allow the democratically elected government to reclaim the people’s mandate. By avoiding military intervention, ECOWAS would have demonstrated commitment to peaceful conflict resolution and regional stability.

“AANI believes that finding durable solutions to the prevailing political crisis in Niger Republic lies in prioritising the well-being of the civilian population and upholding the principles of democracy, human rights, and regional cooperation within ECOWAS. Its only through peaceful means that ECOWAS can ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for the people of Niger Republic and the broader West African community.”

The Alumni Association of the National Institute of Nigeria (AANI) is an organization of the graduates of the Senior Excutive Course (SEC) of National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) Kuru. As products of NIPSS, AANI plays a crucial role in policy formulation and implementation strategies to contribute towards a better society. Through its network of highly qualified and experienced professionals from diverse fields, AANI fosters a collaborative approach towards addressing key challenges in the country, offering valuable insights and expertise to shape effective policies that promote social, economic, and political development in Nigeria.

By drawing upon the knowledge and expertise of its members, AANI serves as a significant platform for thoughtful leadership and strategic thinking, facilitating dialogue and cooperation between government, academia, and private sectors. This synergy allows AANI to advocate for evidence-based policies and initiatives that lead to sustainable development and positive societal transformation in Nigeria. Through its collective efforts and commitment to excellence, the association remains a driving force in advancing the nation’s progress and fostering a brighter future for all citizens.

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