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Beta Nigeria calls for urgent investment in education to secure Nigeria’s future

Bëtá Nigeria Campaign (BN), a growing movement campaigning for improved education outcomes has called for increased investment in education to secure the country’s future.

Speaking during the final roundtable on Thursday in Abuja, the Federal Lead, Bëtá Nigeria, Abdulsalam Badamasi noted that the roundtables culminated Bëtá Nigeria’s first efforts, launched in January 2024.

According to him, this phase proved there is public interest in the initiative and its potential to revitalise the Nigerian education system.

Badamasi said,”Bëtá Nigeria Campaign (BN), a growing movement campaigning for improved education outcomes, just concluded a successful series of roundtables across Nigeria this month. These discussions united key stakeholders from civil society and media organisations in a collaborative effort to amplify the demand for education reform – a critical investment in Nigeria’s future stability and prosperity.

“Our dynamic, youthful population is full of potential,” emphasised the group’s declaration developed during the roundtables, “but the crisis in our education system means millions face a bleak future. When all of Nigeria’s children are going to school, staying in school and learning more, we will build a more resilient, more secure, more prosperous country.”

He added,”The declaration further emphasised that achieving this transformation requires more and better investment in education, empowering future generations to become productive citizens. This sentiment was stressed by Bëtá Nigeria Campaign members, stating, “It’s a shared responsibility – politicians, educators, parents, and everyone who support them.”

Badamasi further highlighted, “this collaborative declaration has enabled Bëtá Nigeria to secure a unified commitment from diverse and multiple stakeholders across Nigeria, increasing the demand for better education and fostering government accountability.

“Nigeria is a strong partnership forged by Nigerians, for Nigerians, and plays a critical role in amplifying the voices of civil society and media in achieving more and better investment in education.”

He emphasized that the roundtables were praised for their inclusivity.

“By fostering media engagement and public awareness, Bëtá Nigeria aims to corral, align and support a broader network of organisations beyond traditional CSOs to increase demand for education reform.

“The movement will continue to call for action that enhances educational prospects in Nigeria, aspiring to ensure that every Nigerian child goes to school, stays in school and receives a good quality education. Beta Nigeria receives funding support from the UK government,” he explained.

Lois Auta, a person with disability and Executive Director of the Cedarseed Foundation, commended Bëtá Nigeria’s deliberate effort to include people with disabilities, highlighting the movement’s commitment to extend its reach beyond traditional advocacy spaces.

By Chimezie Godfrey