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Afro-Caribean channel changes EPG slot for wider positioning of ethnic contents

By Chimezie Godfrey

African Caribbean centric combined channels on Bskyb Channel 182 have now moved up the Bskyb channel’s lined up.

The Afro Caribbean Channel tagged Ch7, which is the brand television name of the broadcast collaboration of Yanga, BEN and GNTV have been unveiled under the new shake-up and are now on EPG slot number 181. As part of the occasional Bskyb channel’s reshuffling. 

Channel 7’s new EPG of 181 will also see the channel introducing new programmes and shows from other globally recognised brands and entertainment contents.

The channel will be bringing to the screen new docuseries, live shows and contents empowering the ethnic communities in the UK and across Europe especially with the coming black history months.

The combined channels have been broadcasting for close to three decades representing the interest of African-caribbean people in the diaspora. The channels individually broadcast on various apps, platforms and streaming channels.

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